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Lora Dicarlo

Lora DiCarlo was founded in 2017. Our premier device, Osé, was inspired by the experience and persistence of our founder and CEO, Lora Haddock DiCarlo, who changed career tracks and founded the company after experiencing the “perfect orgasm”. This blended orgasm ignited Lora’s journey as a pleasure products entrepreneur with the ultimate goal of introducing the world to sex tech inspired by human movement.


With over 20 million units sold during the last 25 years, Fleshlight is arguably the #1 selling sex toy in the world. We have lead the way by providing quality, durable, cutting-edge and satisfying products for men.

You will get a realistic masturbation experience with your Fleshlight, whether you are into vaginal or anal stimulation. Check out the 9 different lines we offer to cover all your masturbation needs.

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