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No one will deny that working out and doing exercise does the mind and body good. You work out, you release endorphins, which triggers positive sensations. What else works in the same way? Enjoying a little solo play! Masturbation is healthy way to not only turn yourself on, but also to relieve stress, improve your sleep, and release built-up sexual tension. Solo play has many health benefits and no downsides … and it´s a lot of fun. The Ezensual selection of stimulating masturbators for men is big. Choose from popular brands such as Fleslight, Lelo and Tenga, and find your favorite sex toy among the many test winners and bestsellers. Ezensual work with the manufacturers to offer their best and newest developments in male masturbation. So many to choose from, and they will all get you off



Our Ezensual Masturbator section here carry a wide selection of the best male stimulating masturbators available! Vaginal or anal mastubators from best-sellers, and test winners. From the best and biggest brands and specialty-product suppliers … Lelo, Fleshlight, Tenga and many others! Enjoy!

Cock Rings

A cock ring from Ezensual is a ring to wear around your penis! Also called a C ring, shaft ring, erection ring, tension ring or penis ring. It´s most often worn at the base of your penis and helps you restrict blood flow from your erect penis, to achieve a stronger erection and maintain your erection for a longer time.

App Controlled Toys

App-enabled penis toys allow you and your partner to have sex from the recommended social distance of 6 feet, or from miles away. The app controls your toy entirely from you phone direct via Bluetooth, or allow others to control it via the internet. The result is that long-distance sex if available from anywhere in the world.

Condoms & Erections

Condoms with grooves, ultra thin, with buds or with taste? Or for use with your sex-toy? Ezensual has them all whichever you prefer. Also good for hormone free contraception, and of course to protect against sexual infections. Your experience is reflected by the fit ... the better the fit, the better your sex experience.

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