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Pain and sex … “BDSM” describe aspects of sex that vary within bondage and discipline, domination and submission and sadism and masochism. For some BDSM does not involve sex even, just the mental experience is the turn-on. Consent is a necessity when having sex with a BDSM partner since you can experience servitude, physical restraint, and pain. Are you a pain enthusiast, or wondering what “pain” might do for you? Ezensually it’s all about what you dare to expose to yourself and your partner. It’s here, whether you already know what to look for, or want to start to experiment with the products. Fetish sex toys, paddles, whips, bondage tape, sex furniture, and restraints as cuffs and paddles. 


Tickled and clamped

Clitoral clips and nipple clamps are perfect for singles or couples to tease and stimulate on the verge of the painful. See all the pain levels and different options for you …


Tied up gets you off? Turn on to bondage? Naughty and need to be disciplined? Check out this sex game area to can gain full control over your partner and his / her enjoyment.

Hit and Spread

Take hard or soft control of your partner … spreading bars for hands and feet … or hard-hitting paddles, whips, floggers, or softer sensual feathers and ticklers …


A sensual way to stimulate inside and on your body .. Electrosex can be and a new erotic experience .. feel the effects on your nerve endings or as involuntary muscle stimulation.

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