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Being sensual when you communicate with your partner includes talking about how attracted to them you are. Successfully cultivating your daily moments of intimate connection will result in building a great sex life together. Couples who use intimate communication become more comfortable talking about lovemaking, and sharing their needs and desires. Sexual and emotional intimacy is related and is more than just the act of “having sex.” with or without sex toys. Physical affection sets the stage for sexual touch that’s focused on pleasure. Agree to go slower, communicate, try different positions and take turns pleasing each other. Sex in a good partnership serves its purpose to enhance vitality and satisfaction. The good vibes that you feel after sex can help to keep you close for days!



Sensual play can get even better and with sex toys for couples. Sex toys can be your key to know your own and your partner's desires and fantasies. Our large selection can set you up for new ways to be close.


If you want the most enjoyable and most gliding experiences together, try some of all our lubes. Be it for solo sex, playing with toys or for partner sex it can be an enhancement and advantage for you.

Bondage play

Bondage is a sexual play where you might enjoy to restrain your partner for mutual sexual pleasure. And bondage can be enjoyed by yourself if you might like the feeling of being fully out of control.

Vibrating together

Which sensations do you already enjoy during partnered sex. Mutual masturbation, external, internal, suction, massage or rubbing … discover your favorite spots to touch or be touched “that place” ....

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